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Blind Cleaning


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Curtain Cleaning, Dry Cleaning, Blind Cleaning

Using an especially devised ultrasonic cleaning process, Fabritech have the ability to clean most types of blinds, including their cords and head rolls. All restored to sparkling cleanliness. Gently and without using harsh chemicals.

Ultrasonics is the application of mechanical sound waves produced by a generator powering transducers mounted to or submerged in a tank of heated water.

The process creates cavitation which is the repeated formation and collapse of millions of microscopic bubbles within the medium. These bubbles envelop and penetrate every niche of an immersed object…cleaning it faster and more thoroughly than any other method.

It does not scratch, pit or damage items as can occur with conventional cleaning methods.

A professional takedown, factory clean, return and re-hang service is available.

Curtain Cleaning, Dry Cleaning, Blind Cleaning