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Blanket Fabric
  • Highly flame resistant characteristics. Can withstand temperatures of 1000 degrees withut deteriorating or hardening.
  • Very low heat shrinkage. For example a blanket exposed to 240 degrees for 30 minutes will shrink less than 1½ percent.
  • The limited oxygen indes (LOI) is above 50% meaning that air would have to contain at least 50% pure oxygen in order to ignite the blanket.
  • The blanket is non-toxic and does not emit any smoke even when exposed to fire for an extended period.
  • It is soft and drapes easily around objects.
  • It is light, non-abrasive and does not melt.
  • It has no competitors in the field of protection against heat, flame and hot metal splashings. Fibreglass, asbestos and ceramic blankets resist heat but they are heavy and abrasive. In addition, they are not environmentally friendly. In fact asbestos and asbestos are downright dangerous.
  • It is SABS tested to SANS spec 10177 Part 111 "Surface Fire Index of Finishing Materials." It achieved a 100% pass rate in the four categories - spread of flames index, heat contribution index, smoke emission index and surface fire index.
  • It carries a Proudly South African logo.
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